J Bold x Top Age – Worry

J Bold x Top Age Worry

Times try so hard to define us, we’ll try harder to hold our heads up high. I know that feeling when you have no idea about your place in this world,  That feeling when you start hating and doubting the journey you’ve chosen and you’ll be so close to giving up thinking that something’s wrong with you just because you’re struggling.

Rising multitalented Afrobeat acts j BOLD and Topage teams up on this solid , catchy, beautiful and inspiring song titled WORRY to let you know that you’re not alone , and to tell you that you are just as worthy of love, belonging, and success as anybody else. “Don’t you ever ever worry”

Cos struggle is only a pre-condition for your growth. Keep pushing and make sure you’re improving. “Everything go dey alright “

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Oya Knack Am!!!



{ j BOLD}

Dem say who feels it knows
And it’s not an easy road
And I know sometimes we feel like giving up when spirit low
Some people say we’re lazy
Dem no understand we story
Was only 10 I lost my daddy and life became so messy
Felt like the sky was falling down
Tell me , Na wetin man for do nau?
Everyday from street to street
I hustled to see my momma smile
But 10 years later I lost her
Mamma Mia I miss ya
I did this song to let you know your boys are getting better


Don’t you ever ever worry o
My mama eh
Don’t you ever ever worry o
My papa eh
Don’t you ever ever worry o
My brother eh
Don’t you ever ever worry o
Everything go be alright
Everything go be ok
Everything go dey alright
Everything go dey ok

{ TopAge}

First, this is Nigeria ??
Lemme take you to my area
The life we dey live e no easy
I thank you mama for prayer o
The journey of a thousand miles was started with a step
Make hunger no go kill a man we keep our heads up high
These streets no easy no of course
We’ll keep on moving on fo’sure
We never backing out no no
Till we hit the top
Yeah yeah
Uhh uhh uuhh
Ehhh ehh ehhh
Uhh uhh uuhh uuhh uuhh


{ j BOLD}

Don’t surrender
Don’t retreat
Don’t give up
Dream along and dream on
You know!

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