Lil Yachty Ft Donny Osmond – Start The Par-Dee


Lil Yachty Ft Donny Osmond Start The Par-Dee


“Selling Out” is a term that doesn’t hold much water anymore. Putting a song in an ad, having product placement in a music video or endorsing products through ads or social media have become acceptable ways of making money, but there is still one avenue that remains largely untested. Leave it to Lil Yachty to be the one to test it.

In his new collaboration with none other than Donny Osmond, Lil Boat mails in a casual verse about eating ravioli. If you don’t know who Donny is here are two things you should know: 1.he was in a boy-band in the 60s with his brothers called The Osmonds and 2. he’s the guy who sang “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” in Mulan. And now, he’s the guy on the Chef Boyardee theme song with Lil Yachty.  It’s not everyday that we get a collaboration like this, so take your time to enjoy “Start The Par-dee” below:


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