Megan Thee Stallion And Her Makeup Artist Have A War Of Words Over Credit For Recent ‘Vogue’ Video

#Roommates, things escalated rather quickly between rapper Megan Thee Stallion and her makeup artist on social media recently—and it all started regarding a recent behind-the-scenes video with iconic Vogue magazine.

Earlier this week, Vogue premiered its latest installment of its celebrity video series, which follows a day-in-the-life of celebrity for 24 hours. Shortly after the video dropped, Megan posted a clip from it on her Instagram page. In the particular clip, she discusses how she initially started her love of makeup during her teenage years.

Well, this definitely didn’t sit well with her makeup artist Akil McCoy, better known as Akilaface, who was not happy that Megan was taking all of the credit for his work—which he also revealed is a regular occurrence of hers. So, to give himself the proper credit he felt he was owed, he hopped in the comment section of her post and let everyone know who really beat her face, writing simply “Makeup By Akilaface.” Things quickly went left after that.

Megan respond back with “and me”–which prompted Akil to comment once again and spill all the tea regarding him not getting credit.

He wrote:

“No you filled in your eyebrows and put on your lighter Mac powder when I was done. This is not a makeup war I always do your makeup and never get credited. That is hurtful.”

The back and forth continued with Megan hitting back with this:

“Woah. First of all if you was really ‘hurt’ you could’ve txt me this. Second you right it ain’t a war bc we all know I do my makeup and you touch it up or I let you start it and I’ll finish it.”

Akil later posted a statement to his Instagram stories continuing to stand by his claims of receiving proper credit that read:

All artists should be payed and tagged. Especially when you’re talented. End of discussion.

As you may have observed, it’s usually customary for celebrities to tag their wardrobe stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists in photo shoots, video shoots and red carpet appearances—so Akil seems to be stating that he’s rarely credited for his contribution to Megan’s beauty looks.

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