Miguel – Banana Clip [Video & Audio]

Miguel Banana


The English language is so limiting, there are only so many rubik’s moves to choose from. Miguel was raised by his African American mother, but spent enough time around his pops too, so the language set and syncopation came to him naturally. The “Banana Clip” Spanish Version evidently follows the same melodic line as the English version, except now Miguel has the entire Southern frontier looking his way, which I suspect was the bright idea behind the conversion.

The Spanish “Banana Clip” travels just as fast. The day begins with a towel wrap, no blow-dryer. Miguel’s convoy takes him under shade and light with the stated goal of reaching an airport terminal somewhere off in the distance; destiny awaits. Miguel’s Ascencion Tour begins tonight, tickets can be purchased here. The first stop takes Miguel to a betting house, The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, a venue with reserved VIP seating and plenty of refreshments.


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