Billboard Names Its Top Artists Of All-Time—Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey And Stevie Wonder Make The Top 10

the debate about the greatest artist(s) of all-time is one that will continue forever because we all have our faves and no one will change our minds. However, the folks at Billboard have officially released the list of the top artists of all-time—and the top 10 is sure to have some people in their feelings.

To celebrate its monumental 125th anniversary, Billboard has unveiled the list of the Top 125 Artists of All-Time based on history of the Hot 100 Songs Chart and the Billboard 200 Albums. To tease fans with a peek at the list, Billboard posted the top 10 list on social media, as you can expect, some people were happy to see their favorites, while others were questioning who was absent and the specific rankings of others.

So, who made the top 10 list? Well, here are the rankings: (1) The Beatles, (2) The Rolling Stones, (3) Elton John, (4) Mariah Carey, (5) Madonna, (6) Barbara Streisand, (7) Michael Jackson, (8) Taylor Swift, (9) Stevie Wonder and (10) Chicago.

Billboard reportedly came up with the rankings using a formula blending all titles calculated on both the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart and the Billboard 200 albums chart from 1958 until the present. The result is a list of music’s all-time top artists based on sales and chart performance.

Mariah Carey is notably the highest-ranking female on the list, due to her amazing stats. She has 18 Hot 100 number 1s, the most among any solo artist, six Billboard 200 top spots, the most consecutive years with a number 1 on the Hot 100 and most total weeks at number 1.

Other notable rankings include Whitney Houston at number 11, Janet Jackson at 14, Prince at 17, Rihanna at 18, Usher at 23 and Beyoncé at 37. You can check out the full list here.

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