Cardi B advises followers on how to deal with low self-esteem

Cardi B had a few words for her followers who are dealing with low self-esteem.

A follower struggling with self-esteem issues reached out to the 26-year-old rapper to ask for advice and Cardi said the best way is “self care”.

She wrote: “Self care. Little things count to make you feel confident. Facial, new hair style, body scrubbing, lotioning your skin. Actin like you know you bad. When you start to believe it everyone around you will too.”

A follower asked what broke women who cannot afford self-care can do and Cardi replied: “Sis you don’t gotta have money for this ….you can do facials with honey , olive oil,flat,curl your own hair ,scrub your body with sugar,coffee and oil .”

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