Flavor Flav Sends Bernie Sanders A Cease & Desist After Public Enemy Was Announced To Perform At A Sanders Rally–Chuck D Responds

Flavor Flav
Flavor Flav

Things are not looking good for Bernie Sanders, and it looks like one of his rally’s may need some new performers. Apparently, Bernie had planned to have Chuck D perform under Public Enemy’s name, and Flavor Flav is not having it!

According to NBC News, Flav hit Bernie with a cease and desist over the weekend, alleging that the rally is using his image and likeness to promote the event. Since Chuck D would be performing under the stage name of Public Enemy, Flav’s lawyer wants to pump the breaks on the performance.

“While Chuck is certainly free to express his political view as he sees fit–his voice alone does not speak for Public Enemy. The planned performance will only be Chuck D of Public Enemy, it will not be a performance by Public Enemy. Those who truly know what Public Enemy stands for know what time it is. There is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav,” the letter reads.

Flav added a personal touch to the bottom of the letter saying, “Hey Bernie, don’t do this,” with a drawing of one of his iconic clocks.

If y’all recall, Flav left Public Enemy back in 2009, leaving Chuck D as the only standing member of the group. Nevertheless, Flav wants no parts of his image being used to promote Bernie’s rally.

Chuck, however, is here for all the smoke! In a series of tweets, he responds to Flav’s lil’ legal later, saying Flav is REALLY mad because Chuck is doing the show for free! He says if there was a bag involved, Flav would’ve been there.

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