Jay Z Speaks On Rumored Tension With Colin Kaepernick

Jay Z Speaks and Colin Kaepernick

Jay Z Speaks On Rumored Tension With Colin Kaepernick

Super Bowl 2020 is officially behind us, but for many it was an afterthought because they were still protesting the big event in support and solidarity of Colin Kaepernick. One of Kaepernick’s earliest supporters, Jay Z, faced backlash when he partnered with the NFL to place Roc Nation artists to perform at some of the league’s biggest events—including the Super Bowl. Well now, Jay is addressing the rumored tension that occurred between himself and Kap following that partnership.

The partnership was immensely criticized almost immediately because many felt that Jay Z was both abandoning the cause and selling out Colin Kaepernick by getting in business with the NFL, as Kaepernick practically remained blacklisted and without a team following his stance to take a knee in protest of police brutality. In a recent interview with @NYTimes, Jay Z discussed Kap and if the reported tension between them is real or simply rumors.

Directly addressing the public perception that he turned his back on Kaepernick after initially rallying behind him, Jay Z said this:

“No one is saying he hasn’t been done wrong. He was done wrong. I would understand if it was three months ago. But it was three years ago and someone needs to say, ‘What do we do now — because people are still dying?’”

He also explained that he feels his recent NFL partnership can actually help Kaepernick’s cause instead of turning a blind eye to it:

“We are two adult men who disagree on the tactic but are marching for the same cause.”

Meanwhile, Kap and his girlfriend Nessa recently took to social media to throw a little shade and question Jay Z and Beyoncé’s happy appearances at the Super Bowl by posting joint messages to their Instagram stories.

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