Kevin Hart Facing $60 Million Lawsuit From The Woman He Was Recorded Doing The Mattress Mambo With—She Claims He Was In On The Recording

Y’all remember back in 2017 when Kevin Hart was caught cheating on his then pregnant wife with another woman in Vegas? Welp, although Kevin and his family have seemingly moved passed that, the woman he was recorded doing the mattress mambo with has not.

According to TMZ, Montia Sabbag is suing Kevin Hart for $60 million y’all! Montia’s new lawsuit is claiming that Kevin was in on the recording the whole time. 

Montia Sabbag claims that Kevin and his friend JT Jackson conspired to secretly record their sexual encounter for publicity. At the time, Kevin had an upcoming comedy tour, and miss Montia Sabbag’s lawsuit claims he and JT planned the whole thing out. 

The suit apparently claims that Kevin Hart and JT Jackson hid the camera in their Cosmopolitan Hotel suite to capture the shenanigans.  If you remember, JT Jackson was actually charged with 2 counts of extortion for allegedly trying to get money out of Kevin to keep the tape on the low. Although he was charged, JT denies ever extorting Kevin. 

Kevin made an apology video back in 2017 where he took responsibility for his actions. In the same video, he claimed he had no knowledge of the video, and didn’t want anyone to profit off his infidelities.

Montia Sabbag’s lawsuit has interesting timing seeing as Kevin is currently recovering from an accident he was involved in a couple of weeks ago.

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