Moment Davido’s 30BG chain was spotted in Lagos traffic, being sold for N4,000

Nigerian singer Davido probably isn’t aware of how much influence he has in the jewelry industry. Just recently, the famous 30BG diamond chain was spotted in Lagos traffic and the seller was willing to part with it for N4,000.

By now, everyone knows that the authentic version of the 30BG chain worn by Davido and the rest of his crew cost millions of naira. However, on the streets of Lagos, anyone can join the 30 Billion Gang movement with just N4,000.

While OBO might find this hilarious, there is likely a business opportunity to be recognised, if he were to trademark the name and start branding items with it. With his huge fan base, he is set to cash out in the fashion industry with the 30BG brand.

However, it is still hilarious that anyone would present someone else’s brand as theirs and sell it for much less. In the video clip which is now making rounds on the internet, the seller can be heard claiming that the piece is authentic.

Video Below:

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