Mo’Nique Writes An Open Letter Accusing Oprah Of Making Her Life ‘Harder’

Whew! Did we miss the memo that 2020 is the year to hash out past differences? Mo’Nique wrote an open letter to Oprah today, calling her out for alleged hypocrisy and claims that Oprah has made her life harder.

Mo’Nique pointed out Oprah’s recent ties to documentaries regarding accusations of sexual assault involving the late Michael Jackson and music mogul Russell Simmons despite her ties to disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. You can see Mo’Nique’s full open letter to Oprah below:

Mo’Nique’s public airing out of Oprah comes on the heels of Mase calling out Diddy for allegedly not paying his artists.

Oprah is not the only who received an earful from Mo’Nique. Back in November, Mo’Nique sued Netflix for gender and race discrimination.

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