Nigerian Transgender to compete in a beauty pageant in Ghana with other ladies this year

25-year-old Nigerian Transgender who identifies as Veso Golden Oke will be competing in a beauty pageant in Ghana with other ladies this year.

According to the source, favytalk, It was gathered that Veso is now officially recognised as the first trans woman allowed to compete openly in a beauty pageant in Africa, and if she eventually wins it, she’ll represent Ghana at Miss Europe Continental in Italy.

Veso Golden Oke works in Ghana and has the support of her parents.

Recall awhile ago pictures of the Nigerian transgender based in Ghana went viral on social media. The trans-woman who’s a hairstylist, event planner and makeup artiste made waves after declaring self open transwoman last year.

Oke who used to be a man where he was known as Messiah Oke Veso. Apparently, he was born to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, into an Anglican family. He left Nigeria in 2014 and changed his gender afterwards.

According to him, he was born as a young child with male genitals and the doctor announced to her mother that she was male but growing up, Oke realized he wasn’t fitting into his body and it was traumatizing. Until he discovered transitioning through an ex-girlfriend she was dating at the time.

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