Tekashi 69’s Alleged Kidnappers Found Guilty After His Testimony

we’ve been keeping you up on Tekashi 69’s news as he’s been testifying against his former gang affiliates. We reported how he detailed the night where he was allegedly kidnapped by two men he knows as Anthony Ellison (Harv) and Aljermiah Mack (Nuke).

Tekashi took the stand and testified that those were the men who robbed him at gunpoint, pistol-whipped him, demanded his jewelry and then eventually set him free. Tekashi described the whole thing in extreme detail. Not only was his testimony taken into account, but Tekashi’s driver also had camera footage to corroborate Tekashi’s claims.

In the footage you can see 6ix9ine plead with his alleged kidnappers to spare his life for his family & daughter. He even offered to pay the men $100k in cash. Tekashi made sure to detail that when the men finally let him go, he ran out of the car and jumped into a bystanders car to only end up behind his captures to begin with.

According to TMZ, though 6ix9ine gave testimony that his kidnappers were allegedly former gang affiliates who became increasingly frustrated after no longer receiving money from him. HIs former affiliates paint a completely different story. Instead, the two men are suggesting that 6ix9ine staged the whole thing to help his album sales. Needless to say, the jury in this case wasn’t  moved by their argument.

As we reported earlier Tekashi could be looking at a lesser sentence given his cooperation. Now that the feds were able to put away nearly all of his former affiliates, Tekashi MAY be released in a few  months.

Source: https://www.tmz.com/2019/10/03/tekashi-6ix9ine-alleged-kidnappers-verdict-trial-bloods-racketeering/

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