Tristan Thompson Could Be Back In Good Graces Of Khloe Kardashian

Looks like Tristan is back, y’all, and it could be for good reason this time around!

The estranged relationship between Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian is one that a lot of fans hope can only be repaired for the sake of baby True. But, after Tristan dropped a few kind words in Khloe’s comment section, some are starting to think otherwise.

In a very public breakup, Tristan was once again caught red handed for betraying Khloe, and although it was not the first time, this seemed to be Khloe’s last straw. As we previously reported, Tristan was being accused of “messing around” and possibly sleeping with Kylie’s former bff Jordyn Woods.

Now, as things have come to light, Jordyn admits Tristan planted a kiss on her, but it never went any further. In a slew of online quotes and captions, Khloe continues to make commentary regarding loyalty, peace, sanity, and relationships, leading fans to believe she and Tristan are done.

Recently, Khloe posted a photo to her Instagram account captioned: “May you gave the courage to explore every dream you dream,” and among the comments appears her baby daddy Tristan.

“The sun is shining bright on a beautiful diamond,” he writes.

Although the comment could be perceived as another attempt to get in good with Khloe again, fans think he’s already been there, done that, and did Khloe.

“Girl they back together,” one fan comments.

“She’s a clown. He’s a clown. Issa circus,” another fan says.

Some fans even assert that they could be sleeping together again.

“Oh he done slid back for sure,” one comment reads. “On the new season of t heir show Khloe gone be in the confessional talking about ‘I’m fighting for our family and I don’t care how anyone feels about it!’

Nevertheless, we hope Tristan and Khloe are on good terms and can stay there for the sake of their beautiful daughter!

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