Trouble Allegedly Caught On Camera Kissing A Woman In The Club Leading To Split From Alexis Skyy

Things have been very rocky for Alexis Skyy and Trouble for the past few days, and it looks like we might finally know why. The couple exchanged words in her comment section, revealing they have broken up. And while Trouble claims Alexis is doing it for the ‘gram, a video of Trouble in the club says otherwise.

According to a source, Trouble had gone missing for two days and was not retuning any of Alexis’ calls, which prompted her to become suspicious.

The source also sent us a video, which they allege shows Trouble locking lips with a young lady who is not Alexis Skyy. They say Trouble was seen wearing the same shirt and glasses as the person shown in the video, which is why he and Alexis split.

As we previously reported, the couples quarrel started on Instagram under one of Alexis’ photos. She reported captioned the photo “single”, but quickly changed it. When her followers caught on to the change, Alexis clarified that it was a typo.

A few hours layer, however, a fan account asked Trouble why Alexis was playing with him, and the back and forth began. She quickly responded and said, “Nobody played with him…he played with himself. I been nothing but loyal n real some people just not ready o often sell us dreams it’s life.”

The two continued with the back and forth, and Trouble has even taken the drama to his Instagram story, claiming Alexis is doing all of this for attention, and even mentions her being on Love & Hip Hop.

“I’m not a love & hip hop n*gga who’s willing to sacrifice my peace, privacy & personal life for 2k an episode or sacrifice my sanity to be ‘poppin’ or the ‘topic’ on Instagram!”

So far Alexis has not publicly responded to Trouble’s comments.

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