One very good day i stumbled on an article on complex magazine titled Bout to Blow: 10 Dope New Songs You Should be Hearing Everywhere Soon.
This by the way was in 2017.

A few notable songs where on that list, including come closer by wizkid featuring Drake ; which actually went on to be ‘everywhere’

However, one of the artist on that list was Lady Donli.
The song Ice Cream ft Tomi Thomas was the song spotlighted.
That was my introduction to Lady Donli.

So in case you don’t know I love new music and I am always ready to catch a new vibe, so I decided to check it out.
It sounded really cool but most of all it was different.
Her EP Wallflower which i later got to listen to, created the same impression.
I liked it but wanted more and felt there was a lot more she had to offer.

Did the song eventually end up everywhere like complex predicted? Errr no, but that can be attributed to various factors, some of which are not connected to how good the song is. (another topic for another day)

Since then till recently she’s dropped a few singles and featured on some other artist(s) songs, one of which was Showdem Camp’s “For a minute” , which I love.
So you can imagine how buzzed and excited I was when I heard an album was coming.



The song reminded me of watching a Hausa tv advert or programme on nta channel 10 back in the day.
Am hundred percent positive my hausa speaking friends will love this.It sounds like something the “Malam” in a kiosk will be bumping to in his small transistor radio, with joy and happiness.
Eventually got to find out that Zamin Lafia means to live in peace. She also invites everyone to come and dance and enjoy your life

Lady donli sings in Hausa throughout. This is a quick hint into her background considering
she spent most of her growing up years in Abuja.
The song is not my thing though ; am just eager to hear whats next.

Suffer Suffer kicks off with a deliberate afro beat feel, with a blend of vocals that sounds like back up singers from a Fela song.
Then, just then, Lady Donli switches it up with an interesting maaaad soul groove, that still keeps the afrobeat feel on the song, but has now evolved into a soft afro-fusion (according to burna boy) that you can move your feet to.

Even more intresting is Lady donli’s lyrics on the song
” I didn’t come here to suffer… I just came to enjoy”
She oozes a modest carefree approach to the song and sounds very sincere at what she’s saying.
“Divide the national moimoi, divide the national cake , chop your own chop my own, everybody chop dey chop dey go”…

Ofcourse this is a Vibe


When I got the word that Lady donli had released a new album, inquisitive and “new music feen” me had to do a quick search.

Cash was one of the singles I found and after i listened to it, hands crossed on my chest like am about to sing the National anthem, i decided to go get her album.

The song fits perfectly as a follow up to track two but the bpm here is abit higher and the song is uptempo
I swear at a point I stood up and tried my zanku on it and oboy e enter oo… you should try it too.
“Am addicted to cash …
It’s all for the money, its all for the fame…”
Lady donli cuts across as a blunt person, she’s not sugar coating sh#t here.

This can pass for a party song and its definitely a vibe!
At this point am buzzed ready to hear the rest of this offering.

Good time is a deep dive into real good soul music with drum patterns that switches occasionally and sounds very ‘live’.
If you love live instrumentation or you love the drums like I do, the end of the song will get you excited and probably be your favourite part of the song.
However, if there was going to be any ‘best part of this song contest, up for nomination will be TEMS part !. Oh my goodness TEMS .
Lady Donli features producer and singer TEMS on this song.
As a matter of fact, she takes the first verse on the song.
Now, I got to knw who TEMS was when I heard the song “Try me”.
Sincerely at first i didn’t think she was Nigerian, probably because of the similarity in voice with reegee and jamaican singer Koffee. (Was just coming off the high of Koffee’s dope album “RaptureEP” at the time.

Anyway, TEMS totally owns the song from the get go.
She delivers a master piece verse and her voice is so soothing.

Lady Donli shows us a different side of her on this one, spitting bars; giving us a Solid 16.
For real I counted, it was 16 bars… and it’s fresh!!.
Vibe !!!

Lady Donli once again shows us how diverse she is with her craft.
Yop! Answers have a reggae feel to it, the beat is reggae and her vibe is down that route.
The song however reminds me of NINA SKY, remember that puerto Rican female group? Loved NINA SKY though.

On “answers” Donli queries peoples doubts on her, while sort of claiming self-belief in her own work
Isa Vibe!!

“You tink say I be boomerang? , throw me away , i swear I wount come back to you…”
That made me chuckle. She starts the song with that exact phrase.
Very groovy uptempo song.
Surprising how we had to wait till track 6 to get a song about love or relationship from Lady Donli in an “RnB/soul album”… hmm. love it !!.

Yo! When the beat dropped, everything was alright with the world for that minute.
The beat is a delicious, thick bunch of african richness and Lady Donli had a filled day taking a good bite on it. However, she left a good chunk for an artist called Benjiflow
Benjiflow is the second guest artist on the album and wow!… Lady Donli picks the right pegs.. doesn’t she?

This was my introduction to benjiflow and please dont come at me, these ‘alte artists ‘ are springing up everywhere nowadays it’s hard to keep up.
Benjiflow who by the way, sounds like a bridge that connects Bryson Tiller and Mr Easi, flows with dexterity on this beat. He fits perfectly to the song.
This has more of an ‘alte and trendy vibe’. Its a chilled song for the slow steppers.
Lady Donli goes with the 90’s flow on this one.
Hands down, this could pass for a single from the album.

You know what will make this song pop? A feature by an A list artists for a remix. I can think of a few that will sound good on this. A few !! I repeat, a few !!.
You can name who you think will jump on this alongside these two, in the comment section.

So the features are rolling in now, she drags Somadina and Amaarae on this one.
Lady Donli alongside her friends boast about their God given Flava
“My skin is beautiful thanks be to my creator, she gives me so much favour am not surprised I got the flava”.

For me, the best part of this song is when the beat switches to reggae and Amaarae engages me with this smooth trap flow. It’s a sweet and swift diversion from the direction of the song, it sits by well.

Lady donli takes us on a time machine to the old school on this one, but her flow is constant reminder that we are in 2019.
She is playful , fun and all over the place with what she is trying to say ;but I really dont care, cos this isa vibe!
Coner Coner is a heavy Afrobeat jam, that pulls its inspiration from afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo kuti, the influence is heavy on her verses.
Her delivery makes the song what it is though. It beautifully complements the smooth beat by GMK.
The hook is very catchy and will easily attract anyone to ride on this wave including the “grown folks”
Another standout on the album.
You know Isa Vibe!!

Lady Donli sticks with the smooth Afrobeat feel here, but just when I was starting to catch the groove, the song ends. It’s sort of an interlude.
A good follow up to “coner coner” .
Also sounds like a leftover beat that should have been on Show dem Camps “palmwine music”.

So Lady donli links up with soul singer Tomi Thomas once again.
The other feature is the one I mentioned in the intro.
The song is a mixture of Afrobeat and pop, dragged out from the 80’s , with afro hair, unbuttoned silk shirts and bongo trousers.
It’s a well done song.
Tomi thomas is a beast on this one. Cant think of any other person that would have done a better job.
Isa Vibe !!

The diversity on this album is very commendable, we seldom hear Nigeria artists leave his/her comfort zone, try new sounds or just go a different approach.
“Around” is a clear example of trying something different; and it wasn’t a miss.
This song has a harry Song feature written all over it.
Its pure gyration music and Lady Donli puts up a bragadocius attitude on this one.
” If u are talking you better sit down, all my people are coming to town…”
Vibe !!

Lady Donli once again serves us music from her native tongue, affirming confidence at who she is; but this is short and immediately switches to a smooth soulful vibe. “Smooth” that’s the word.
She easily glides through the second song . Lady Donli doesn’t need much effort to make it sound good.

Isa Vibe !!.

Trouble is a layback and dark song.
Lady Donli gives a brief take on the “ills” around her.
Wonder why the song was just one minute 53 seconds. I feel she would have said a lot more.
Cool !

“Am just getting started, securing my assets”
As much as this is the last song on the album, Lady Donli gives us a quick reminder that she has more in the offing.

Fitting end to a good journey. Lady Donli doesn’t say much she allows the groove settle in, before saying her goodbyes.
This is a reminder that she’s on a voyage and she’s glad to take us along with her.
So we can all “Enjoy our lives” together.

This is a very good album. It’s different and refreshing.
Lady donli clearly explains her emotions and thoughts on a well-arranged album, with carefully chosen beats.
She embraces her roots and doesn’t shy away from telling it the way it is.
Its a “soul” driven album and can easily cross over.



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