Xenophobia: AKA responds to YCee’s diss on South African men

Nigerian singer, YCee recently took to social media to condemn the attacks on Nigerians in South Africa. The rapper who revealed that he no longer rated South African men, stated that they are not only jealous of but resent Nigerian men.

Part of the tweet reads: “There is this subtle dislike that a lot of them (If not all) feel towards Nigerians and no matter how hard they try to hide it .. it eventually jumps out – like when AKA had a full childish grown man tantrum when they lost to Nigeria in the nations cup.’

Ycee went on to advice Nigerians and other foreigners living in South Africa to no longer feel safe even though back in Nigeria, foreigners are treated specially.

His tweet below:

South African rapper, AKA tried invalidating YCee’s tweets with a photo of himself posing with the Nigerian flag, beside a painting of Fela.

YCee however, was quick to remind him of the tweets he put out some months ago after South Africa lost to Nigeria during AFCON match.

Defending the tweets, AKA responded saying:

“South Africa and Nigeria is the continent’s BIGGEST RIVALRY … a SIBLING RIVALRY because we are brothers and sisters … I also hate losing to Australia for f*cks sake. Let’s pull together as Africans and stop dividing ourselves. This whole narrative is stupid!!!”

YCee however, was not letting this go easy. He responded saying:

“Bro if you refuse to see the underlying implications of what you tweeted .There’s really no need for the back and forth. As public figures we should always recognize the strength our platforms carry! I have no agenda or narrative to push .I’m just deeply hurt and that’s that!”

See the exchange below:

While many people are calling on the government to intervene, an abroad-based Nigerian seems to believe another solution will be much more effective.

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