Yaya Mayweather Gets Into It With One Of NBA YoungBoy’s Other Girls (Exclusive Video)

Yaya Mayweather &  Of NBA YoungBoy

Yaya Mayweather Gets Into It With One Of NBA YoungBoy’s Other Girls

This weekend was quite the weekend. Saturday night, Yaya Mayweather was reportedly spotted pulling up on NBA YoungBoy at a hotel in Dallas. Word is she got into a fight with one of NBA YoungBoy’s other girls while at the hotel.

We were able to obtain footage of Yaya and a friend standing outside of the hotel in the valet driveway. In the video, you can see the girl dressed in red, jump out of the vehicle and run towards Yaya and her friend. It’s obvious things got heated before they were officially pulled apart.

NBA YoungBoy and Yaya definitely have an interesting relationship. In the past, he has accused her of slashing his tires and he seemed to pretty much be done with her following the situation. Nonetheless, they have seemed to always find their way back to each other.

As we previously reported, back in December, NBA YoungBoy put a spin on a Michael Jackson classic and made a record called “Dirty Iyanna.” While some thought this would reignite issues between the two, Yaya popped up on social media dancing and singing to the record several times.

It’s not clear which other young lady was involved in the altercation. NBA YoungBoy is known to be connected to different girls, so it was unclear on exactly which young lady was involved in the altercation along with Yaya.

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