Nick Cannon Says He Was Trying To Fight Eminem For Releasing Mariah Carey Diss Track

it’s been almost a decade since Eminem put out a diss record against his alleged former flame Mariah Carey. Now for the younger Roommates, back in the day there were rumblings that Eminem and Mariah Carey had a lil’ situationship.

To this day we still don’t know the full details but it’s evident that their relationship was real enough for Em to drop a diss track against Mariah and for Mariah to respond with her own diss record/shady bop with Obsessed.

But Nick Cannon recently revealed on TI’s podcast Expeditiously that he had other pans on how to deal with Eminem and one of them was fighting him. On the show, Nick mentioned how he tried to contact Eminem on a few occasions. Writing letter, trying to get in touch with management, until the point he was just ready to put his hands on Em!

He recalls: “I probably can’t out-rap you but I’ll beat your a**!” Apparently, they never got to the physical, but just the thought is enough to make you think, you do you think would actually win that battle?

Anyway, this isn’t the first time Nick is speaking on his ex’s, especially not recently. On his own radio show, he touched on another former flame in Christina Milan. After she claimed she found out he was cheating on her after going through his phone, he gave his own shady rebuttal suggesting the pair were never a couple.

Whew! Clearly Nick’s been on that truth serum cause he’s not holding anything back as of late!

Make sure to check out It’s podcast for the full interview Roommates!–Kickin-Shit-w/-Tip–Nick

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